Impact of Consumer-Directed Health Plans on Low-Value Healthcare


OBJECTIVES - To assess the impact of consumer-directed health plan (CDHP) enrollment on low-value healthcare spending. RESULTS - Switching to a CDHP was associated with a $231.60 reduction in annual outpatient spending (95% CI, −$341.65 to −$121.53); however, no significant reductions were observed in annual spending on the 26 low-value services (−$3.64; 95% CI, −$9.60 to $2.31) or on these low-value services relative to overall outpatient spending (−$7.86 per $10,000 in outpatient spending; 95% CI, −$18.43 to $2.72). Similarly, a small reduction was noted for low-value spending on imaging (−$1.76; 95% CI, −$3.39 to −$0.14), but not relative to overall imaging spending, and no significant reductions were noted in low-value laboratory spending.

American Journal of Managed Care